Billabong is a brand of boardshorts and bikinis committed to the cutting edge of surf culture. Founded in 1973 in Australia by visionary board shaper and designer Gordon Merchant, Billabong has its goal in sharing the magical sensation of wave surfing with the world.

That feeling comes to life in a variety of ways, from award-winning boardshorts and swimwear, to an eclectic group of ambassadors who define surf culture, to a legacy of momentous experiences from sea to mountains and beyond. Merchant originally envisioned a world where female surfers and those inspired by surfing feel special - like the luckiest people on the planet. Billabong is distributed today in more than 100 countries around the world, and remains devoted to the original vision of it - and makes that feeling even more special in the future.

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Our roots, our future.

Element was born in 1992 when a young group of professional skaters decided to give a twist to the old imposed customs.

Since that time, the brand has grown into a tree of creativity whose branches extend into skateboarding, nature and culture.

These concepts are not just a slogan for us, they represent a manifesto.

Just as skateboarding has encouraged us to think against the grain, every day we work our way to create positive change. Thinking of future generations, we want to always act faithful to our urban origins.

Element asserts itself. We create products in a more responsible, intelligent and sustainable way.

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